The "Carolo-Cup" is a student competition of the TU Braunschweig and takes place annually. The aim of the competition is to develop a 1:10 autonomous model vehicle. The challenge of this university competition is to achieve the best possible vehicle guidance in different disciplines (e. g."Driving without obstacles", "Driving with obstacles to be overtaken" and "Finding a parking space and parking"). The teams will also present their overall vehicle concept in a presentation. The presentation will be evaluated by a jury of industry and science experts.

The competition consists of training days and the competition day. During this time we optimize your vehicle and also get to know the other teams. What makes a particularly good impression on the Carolo Cup is the sporting fairness of the participating teams, who support each other amicably. The great thing about the challenge of the competition is that you can live out your engineering creativity within clear rules and the solutions of the teams are unbelievably diverse and different.