Autonomous Drive

In short: we make autonomous driving in small. For this purpose, we build 1:10 scale model vehicles and equip them with all sorts of sensors, actuators, electronics and computers. The technology is very similar to the hardware used in "big" autonomous vehicles. Thus, we are able to gain valuable experience for our later careers as scientists and engineers. We consider the entire mechatronic system and work interdisciplinary in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software. In addition, we take part in the Carolo-Cup in Braunschweig every year and compete against other teams from all over Europe.

Our beginnings date back to the summer of 2009, when Prof. Maurer told us about the CaroloCup in his lecture "Driver Assistance Systems". This is a competition for autonomous, camera-assisted electric model vehicles and involves students from all over Europe. Of course, the TUM should not be missing there! We developed our first vehicle in a laboratory of the Institute for Nuclear Technology. In spring 2010, the Chair of Automatic Control gave us a new home. One year later, the idea arose to not only use the workshop and structure that we are building for the competition, but to found a robotics team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of TUM.

The idea behind it is multifaceted. Who has not already asked himself in a lecture: How would this control system actually be realized now? Do you really need the methods of product development? The answers to these and similar questions can best be obtained by actively participating in a project. The focus is not only on gaining technical knowledge, but also on learning professional working methods in an interdisciplinary team.